Field Trip

Division Gallery
Montreal, QC
December 2015

Pink Forest – 2015 – 45 x 60
Chromogenic print, acrylic paint


Hospital Hallway

Southern Alberta Art Gallery
Lethbridge, AB
December 5, 2015 to January 31, 2016

Hospital Hallway – 2015
Video Still

Hospital Hallway is a sterile, clinical space, a hallway in the shape of an octagon. The viewer enters though an institutional looking door, where they ar greeted by a series of screens which line the walls of the hallway, each featuring a video of myself as I play the my grandmother (as the patient), caught in claustrophobic, nightmarish scenes. The movements I do are meant to communicate the loss of control, loss of self, and total loss of body and mind.

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Painted Leaves

Blackwood Gallery, billboard commission
Mississauga, ON
September 8, 2015 to May 1, 2016

Blackwood Billboard Commission – 2015 – features “Painted Leaves” in a light box
Photo by Toni Hackenchied

“Sarah Anne Johnson’s Painted Leaves presents a detail of a photographic landscape overlaid with myriad fine details, earthly colours, and mystical light. Oil paint has been hand applied to a chromogenic print of an understory of leaves in a temperate coniferous forest. The leaves are marked with decorative motifs in sunflower yellow, marine blue, flame orange, and brushed gold. Yet the image is an overture to humanity’s thoughtless imprint on the landscape.”

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