Photography Still Has the Potential to Reveal the Uniqueness of the Human Body

By Seph Rodney
May 30, 2019

“Sarah Anne Johnson, though most of her images don’t contain bodies, showed fascinating manipulations of the medium by using three-dimensional objects inserted through the photograph to make the images take on the import of stage backdrop. in “Sun (Bump)” (2018) an onyx ball pushes through the photo of a landscape where the sun might be, except here, the sun is in eclipse and much closer than it should be. Most of Johnson’s work is set in the desert where obelisks and trees sprout as artistic interventions that make these landscapes forbidding and vaguely inhospitable.”

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This Land

Stephen Bulger Gallery
Toronto, ON
May 4 to June 15, 2019

“Stephen Bulger Gallery is pleased to present “This Land”, our fifth solo exhibition of work by Canadian artist Sarah Anne Johnson.

In “This Land”, Johnson focuses on landscape scenes from a variety of places that depict natural beauty and wonder in a multitude of guises. Not limiting herself to a specific location or clear narrative, Johnson continues to bridge the gap between the psychology of place and the dividing line between what is real and what is felt – a quality that remains a theme in all of her projects.”

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Everything Is Connected: Art and Conspiracy

Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, NY
September 18, 2018 – January 6, 2019

“For the last fifty years, artists have explored the hidden operations of power and the symbiotic suspicion between the government and its citizens that haunts Western democracies. Everything Is Connected: Art and Conspiracy will be the first major exhibition to tackle this perennially provocative topic. It will trace the simultaneous development of two kinds of art about conspiracy.

The first half of the exhibition will comprise works by artists who hew strictly to the public record, uncovering hidden webs of deceit—from the shell corporations of a New York slumlord to vast, interconnected networks encompassing politicians, businessmen, and arms dealers. In the second part, other artists will dive headlong into the fever dreams of the disaffected, creating fantastical works that nevertheless uncover uncomfortable truths in an age of information overload and weakened trust in institutions.”

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