For Wonderlust, I wanted to create a series that would examine the internal vs. external world of sexual intimacy. I solicited mostly couples to engage in acts of intimacy while I photographed them. I then manipulated the surface of these photos by burning, scratching, sanding, painting, or applying glitter. This physical transformation allowed me to evoke the ecstasy and humility of the sexual act.
Tree Planting is a record of my summers spent in northern Canada in which I engaged in the communal activity of reforesting as a means of income. In this project, I combine straight photographs with photographs recording “tableaux” scenes I created with small sculptural figures set in a fabricated landscape. These vignettes extend beyond the photographs I took during my summers in rural Manitoba, illustrating what I experienced both visually and emotionally. I conceived of the project as an installation, forming a large narrative displayed on curved walls.
Completed in 2006, Into the Woods is a large scale lenticular print of a forest. The nature of this type of print allows the trees to subtly sway back and forth as you walk along it.